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The natural beauty of the Welsh Islands and coastal regions is breathtaking. It is also a paradise for adventure lovers. This site is about tourism in Welsh Islands and coastal regions. If you have been to Wales before, then you can share your experience by writing articles for our site.

We are inviting fresh writers to join our team so that we can publish varieties of articles for our readers. Though Wales is a small region in the UK, there are lots of wonderful places to see. If you are interested in joining us, you should write articles on Wales tourism-related topics.

You can write about the unique places to visit in Wales, the activities that can be done, and the local tour operators. You can provide guides on how to see wildlife, go surfing, or hiking. You need to first send us your CV to get selected. You should also write a test article on any topic.

Once we are satisfied with your writing style, we will confirm your position in our team as a writer and request you to write more articles. You must make sure that the articles are not copied from others’ works. We won’t publish any article that has already been published elsewhere.

As it is a tourism site, pictures will speak more effectively. You should write in short paragraphs to enhance readability. Give a proper heading so that the readers find the topic interesting and worth reading.

The articles are subject to scrutiny, and thus you may have to add new information to your articles or edit part of it. For further information, please contact us.